Villarreal hits back at Bayern Munich for lack of respect following progression to UCL semi-finals

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Written by Martin Graham | April 13, 2022

Villarreal responded to Bayern Munich players, staff and coaches for not respecting the German club after declaring the tie.

In a shocking surprise, Bayern Munich, one of the candidates for this version of the UEFA Champions League, was knocked out by the Spanish club Villarreal, who reached the competition only on the background of its victory in the European Football League 2020/21 against Manchester United. .

Of all the Champions League quarter-final matches, the Bayern-Villarreal match was scrapped as an easy match for the favourites. However, the Yellow Submarine’s outstanding performance in defense and attack ended the match with a 2-1 aggregate score in favor of the Spanish team.

After the tie result, Villarreal midfielder Dani Parejo addressed some words to the German giants and their manager Julian Nagelsmann to show his disrespect.

Talking to Movistar + After the match, he said: “Nagelsmann said he wanted to decide a tie in the first leg. I think he didn’t respect Villarreal and football. Sometimes when you spit, you fall on your face.”

Villarreal striker Gerard Moreno, who helped Samuel Chukwueze’s equalizer on Tuesday become the match-winning goal, admitted Bayern’s comments gave his teammates a decisive boost.

“In the first leg we made the mistake of not ending a tie, and all these comments act as a catalyst for us,” Moreno said.

“They made a mistake today by not killing us and we took advantage of that. What this team has done is fantastic.”

Meanwhile, Villarreal coach Unai Emery, who has an indisputable European pedigree after four wins in the UEFA Europa League, noted that his side won because they were the humble side who put their head down and focused on the match.

“Let’s enjoy the semi-finals. Emery said, as reported by the Spanish outlet Mark.

“When we conceded, it was a critical moment, because when Bayern scored two goals, they scored two or three.

“Humility is knowing how to recognize the good and the bad. In the good, be stable, and in the bad realize that you did nothing right.”

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was quick to admit his failures, while claiming the Spanish defense mentality gave Villarreal an advantage over his superstar side.

“We captured 68%,” Nagelsmann began speaking after the match. “If they defend with eight players in the area, it’s difficult to get into the game. The goal is typical for them when they get the ball back, it’s part of the game, it’s the Spanish mentality, and it’s something that the southern teams do.

“I am sorry if I said something that did not suit me. But I will not try to blame the other team.”

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum