‘The Figo Affair’- Release Date, Where To Watch, Trailer And More

Like a severed pig’s head flying through the air and landing near a corner flag, a Netflix documentary surrounding Luis Figo’s infamous transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid arrives in a big way. Netflix will show a documentary calledFigo affair(El Caso Viejo), a drawing of the infamous transfer of Luis Figo between Barcelona and Real Madrid in 2000.

Few teams in the world have a competition like the Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona. Even fewer players could say they played for both sides. Even less, they could say they made the switch directly from one to the other. One of these is Luis Figo, who made the controversial change in 2000 amid a storm of controversy. Now it’s the focus of a new documentary set on Netflix, breaking the mold and moving away from simple bios or sporting achievements.

What is the Figo case?

Netflix has identified its latest collaboration with London-based Pitch Productions titled The Vigo Affair (El Caso Viejo)A long documentary film that revolves around the story of the transfer of Portuguese footballer Luis Figo, winner of the Ballon d’Or, from Barcelona to Real Madrid.

The documentary lifts the lid on the shady deals behind the transfer of Figo from Barcelona to Madrid, and features contributions from the man himself, Pep Guardiola and Florentino Perez among others.

Figo affair Directed by award-winning duo David Treehorn and Ben Nicholas, who directed the biographical documentary on Netflix, pellet. Pitch’s chief production officer, Marie-Denis Dormes, produced the film. The film was developed by Max Dobbyn, who also served as a consulting producer, after joining the company as Head of Development from Lightbox in 2020.

Figo affair The documentary promises in-depth testimonies from Figo, Pep Guardiola, former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart and the man who made a very interesting entrance in the last 10 seconds of the trailer – Florentino Perez himself.

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Figo case (El Caso ViejoRelease date

Arriving in Barcelona from his childhood club Sporting at the age of 22, Figo became an icon and captain in Catalonia over five seasons while winning back-to-back La Liga titles in 97-98 and 98-99.

But after posting his best singles numbers at the Camp Nou during the 99-00 season, Figo shockingly departed for the Santiago Bernabeu as the first huge signing of Florentino Perez’s reign at Galacticos.

All this drama on your screens on August 25, 2022.

Luis Figo may not have been from La Masia, but the famous academy has a rich history!

Where to watch the case of Vigo

Figo, at the time, was the subject of intense criticism from Barcelona supporters, which reached its climax during the Clasico at the Camp Nou. He was described as “Judas” and “scum” by the banners around the field and was ruthlessly taunted every time he caught the ball. All sorts of things were thrown at him during the match, although the famous incident when a pig’s head was pointed at him didn’t happen until 2002.

These famous events will be shown in Figo affair Which will only be available on Netflix from August 25th.

Vigo Affair Trailer

The documentary film entitledEL Kasu vigo“which translates as”The vigo AffairYou can watch the trailer below.

It will include interviews with the likes of the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, Manchester City coach and then Barcelona player Pep Guardiola And of course, vigo Himself where they decipher the transfer details.

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the above DubinHead of Documentary at Pitch said:

“It’s increasingly difficult to find sports documentaries that say something new, and not just biographies or histories of sports success, so we think The Kasu vigo unique.

“Focus on transportation instead of vigoThroughout our careers, the film tells us about the truth, greed, morals, and inner mechanics of the world’s most popular sport.

“Everyone from Florentino Perez beep GuardiolaHe was generous with their time, but Louis vigo He was especially accommodating, and desperate because he was going to finally set the record straight after two decades of avoiding the issue of his transfer.”

Figo’s return to Camp Nou in the 00-01 season with Los Blancos Now it’s the stuff of shame, with teammates Michel Salgado and Ivan Campo admitting that they’ve never come close to experiencing anything like this over the course of their careers.