Stats And Analysis Of The Aguero Like Forward

Italy have had some legendary World Cup strikers over the years – from Gigi Riva in the 1970s to Paolo Rossi in the 1980s to Christian Vieri in the 1990s.

“Aguero has inspired me, he is my role model in everything,” Rasbadori admitted. You can also say.

How good is Giacomo Raspadori?

Raspadori is an adaptable striker who is able to play in a number of different roles. He was mostly used as a first attacker in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 but he is also quite comfortable as a supporting striker in a two-man attack.

He’s lightning fast when he’s racing on a through ball or running with the ball at his feet, and he also likes to drop a little deeper to provide some engagement for his midfielders and men. No matter what, he’s in the box for the end of their delivery.

Aside from these physical and technical skills, which seem to belong to a dribbling-oriented wing, Raspadori has the mentality and instinct of an attacker. From the early years with the academy teams, he played almost every offensive position, but he admitted that he was the center of the attack. Of course, his movements are more diverse than those of a normal attacker. Not only is Raspadori’s attacking space, but he often runs towards the ball to play in the channel or half spaces, where he has great technical sensitivity when playing short passes. He also has great vision and passing accuracy when he has the opportunity to move freely.

Raspadori’s borders are all physical only. In order to play as No. 9 at high levels without matching the strength of the center back, he will have to specialize and improve the quality of his game, with and without the ball. In particular, he will need to learn how to make his shot more efficient, as it is now good but not enough to stand out among the others. Needs improvement in both strength and accuracy.

Giacomo Raspadori stats

Standing only 5’6 tall, the Raspadori is deceptively powerful and, much like an Aguero, uses his body to excellent effect. They share great similarities when receiving the ball in the penalty area, knowing when they should take an extra touch, when they should maneuver a bit of space, and when they should fire a long shot the first time.

We are talking about a technical anomaly in modern football because he has the body of a playmaker, but his playing style is that of a scorer. In fact, he has been compared to another smart striker like Antonio Di Natale. His distinctive body is what makes him so versatile. This skill is enhanced by his superb, elegant and sensible first control with both feet when carrying the ball.

Raspadori scored 0.4 goals per 90, while also achieving 4.6 ball rebounds per 90. Even better, Raspadori’s 67.5% success is one of the best in Europe.

Scout Giacomo Raspadori Report

Raspadori is your classic fox in the box. He’s a fickle striker, a heart attacker who loves to take dangerous positions in the penalty area and get end passes from wide. He’s frighteningly bipedal, can comfortably finish the match from anywhere in the penalty area, and he’s got a great jump to nod home for cross passes.

The Italian is a young and fast striker with excellent ball control, technique and the ability to dribble opponents in tight spaces. He has both feet, is able to shoot and move equally from the right and left wedge. This makes him unpredictable because the defenders don’t know which way he will go with the ball. Due to its low center of gravity, it is comfortable falling into the pit and its mobility is also excellent.

The 21-year-old likes to work in tight spaces and has a calm presence of mind and quick feet that are required to move the ball from side to side, before allowing the ball to volley away. He has that predatory instinct that can’t be taught, and he just has talent for goals.

When he receives the ball in space, Raspadori is fast, intense and hard to contain. His speed in tight spaces makes him great at placing shots in the penalty area, especially because his ability to use both feet makes it difficult for defenders to guess what he will do.

He has been tested in a more supportive role and as an attacking midfielder once or twice, but his eye on target means he has to be as close to six yards as possible at all times.

Giacomo Raspadori Napoli transfer and future

Napoli recently completed the signing of Giacomo Raspadori from Sassuolo, with the 22-year-old initially arriving on loan for a season before a permanent move next year.

Raspadori, who was also targeted by Juventus after scoring 10 goals in Serie A in the 2021/22 season, follows the likes of Giovanni Simeone, Tangu Ndombele and Kim Min Jae in making a move to Napoli during a busy transfer window in southern Italy. Reports suggest that Napoli will pay Sassuolo €5m in initial loan fee before parting with €30m to make the transfer permanent next year.