Watch Formula 1 online on TV

Formula 1 is the gold standard in racing around the world, but figuring out how to watch Formula 1 online can be as difficult as outdoor overtaking. Fortunately, there are several ways to watch F1 online if you’re into the cord-cutting business, and there are even a couple of ways to watch F1 live streams for free.

Whether you’re just entering F1 (maybe because you watched the great Netflix docu series, Drive to Survive) or you’re looking for a better service for live racing, read on for the best ways to watch F1 online.

How to watch F1 on TV

Looking to watch F1 on your cable TV? Get ready for the live races on ESPN and ESPN 2. These are the only F1 channels on TV in the US.

How to watch F1 online: live and on demand

No streaming service has exclusive rights to F1, so there are several ways to watch F1 online. Here are some of the streaming services that will let you watch F1 live streams on your smart devices, including Amazon Fire Sticks, Roku devices, and smart TVs.

Live coverage of Formula 1, racing highlights, qualifying and training sessions from a number of different broadcasters around the world.

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Formula 1 also operates an official streaming service known as F1 TV. There are two different versions available – ‘Pro’, which offers live streaming of sessions, and ‘Access’ which does not. F1 TV Pro is only available in certain countries.

How to watch Formula 1 online live anywhere in the world

An easy way to watch your favorite shows and sports – including F1 – wherever you are in the world, is called a VPN.

With a VPN, you can bypass the usual digital barriers by changing your IP address. This means that you can watch whatever you want even if you are away from home. Our favorite VPN service is ExpressVPN (opens in a new tab), which will allow you to change your IP address on any device you want to make sure you can stream Formula 1 online, wherever you are in the world.

ExpressVPN is available on laptops, smart TVs, Amazon Fire Sticks, game consoles, and even mobile phones and will make your device think it’s in a different part of the world to ensure you can take part in the next race.