Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball, Game 6, Team News, Expected Lineup , TV Channels

That may be it, Boston Celtics fans. It’s been a fun season of winning bets, bad hits, and the occasional push.

Then again, there could be a Super Bowl-ESC winner-take-all Sunday night match with a Thursday night victory Everything is at stake in Game 6.

The final match against the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center was the one Celtics fans surely want to forget. Despite shooting 12 percentage points better from behind the arc and winning the counterattack 47-39, Boston lost 104-94 and is now on the verge of elimination in the saddest stage of the NBA.

The NBA Finals 2022 has so far been a home leg, with the Golden State Warriors leading just 3-2 ahead of Game Six on Thursday (local time). The sixth Celtics vs Warriors match will take place live in the popular TD Garden. The game will go live at 6:30 AM IST on June 17th.

As a result, extra time between the finals to ease the burden on the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors’ trip, as in this series.

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Watch the Celtics Warriors match Live broadcast Watch the Celtics Warriors match in the United States

US fans who want to watch the 2022 NBA Finals live can tune in to ABC, which will broadcast all of its post-season games. For live broadcasts, fans can tune in to the ABC app and the Sling TV app. The match will begin live at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, June 16. Details in the United States

Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and the Celtics can be watched live on ESPN 2:

Channels 102 of Cablevisión Digital, HD and Flow
Channels 622 (SD) and 1622 (HD) from DirecTV
Channels 104 (SD) and 1009 (HD) for the call center

Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors predictions for the match

After a few exciting performances to start the 2022 NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics saw a dip in their performance as they lost their last two games and are now trailing the Golden State Warriors 3-2. If the Warriors win Game Six against the Celtics, they will go on to win this year’s Finals. If Jayson Tatum and the rest of the Celtics can get the fans home behind them, it could be very difficult for the Warriors to beat them and prevent the Finals from entering into game seven.

How is the NBA Finals series between the Warriors and the Celtics

The final is 3-2 in favor of the Warriors and can be decided this Thursday. The results were as follows:

Game 1: Warriors 108-120 Celtics
Game 2: Warriors 107-88 Celtics
Game 3: Celtics 116 – 100 Warriors
Game 4: Celtics 97-107 Warriors
Game 5: Warriors 104 – Celtics 94

Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors, NBA Finals: What time to play, country by country

Argentina: 22 hours
Uruguay: 22 hours
Brazil: 22 hours
Paraguay: 9:00 pm
Chile: 9:00 pm
Bolivia: 9:00 pm
Venezuela: 9:00 pm
Colombia: 20 hours
Ecuador: 20 hours
Peru: 20 hours
Mexico: 20 hours

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