Nottingham Forest 2022/23: Players to watch ahead of new Premier League season

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Written by Martin Graham | June 12 2022

Nottingham Forest will play in the Premier League for the first time in the 2000s after being promoted in the tournament playoff final.

They beat Huddersfield Town AFC thanks to a special goal from Levi Colwell to return to the Premier League for the first time since the 1998/99 season, 23 years ago.

Their championship season was one of football’s fairy tales last season. After spending the first three months of last season in relegation, they fired their manager and hired Steve Cooper who brought them from the brink of death to the playoff places.

Besides the coach’s efforts, he had a few capable players to rely on. These players are expected to continue their good form in the Premier League.

These are the players to watch from Nottingham Forest in the Premier League 2022/23

Brennan Johnson

21-year-old Brennan Johnson is one of many boys born and raised in Nottingham Forest. Nine years in the club’s academy culminated in a promotion to the first team, as he was first sent on loan to Lincoln City, where he demonstrated his readiness for the championship.

He played every game in the woods in the 2021/22 championship season, scoring 18 goals and providing 10 assists as they climbed from the bottom of the pile for a promotion to the Premier League.

He is already a full-fledged Wales international thanks to his undeniable talent and he is sure to report well for himself in the Premier League next season.

Press Samba

The DR Congo goalkeeper was one of the club’s most prominent players as well. After Cuper took charge of the club in late December, Samba became one of the most improved players, scoring just 31 goals in the 40 games he played.

He has also proven his worth in penalty shootouts and is a great weapon for any goalkeeper he owns at Arsenal. He’s certainly going to face the best players in the world next season, but that’s expected to be one of the reasons Forrest is doing so well.

Sam Surig

Sam Surridge is a side player and the type of player coaches consider when deciding on tactics against their opponents, knowing that he may not start and will instead be brought into the game to switch things up in his team’s favour.

He delegated excellently to the club’s key strikers during their injuries, scoring five out of five as they ran into the playoffs. The 23-year-old is also a multi-talented striker who could offer Cooper plenty of other options as he faces some heavy-hitters next season.

Joe Worrall

The no-nonsense captain of Nottingham Forest is a force of nature at just 25 years old. Jungle Boy is through and through, and is expected to lead his team across various Premier League stadiums next season

He is also expected to be the loudest as he constantly barks for orders and summons his team to ask for them. This helped him intimidate opponents and keep them out of their game. It will be a sight to see him take on the likes of Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane and Hung Min Soon while defending Nottingham Forest.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum

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