Ecuador face ban from FIFA ahead of World Cup

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Written by Martin Graham | 11 June 2022

Ecuador could face expulsion from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, according to multiple reports. The South American country has been accused of fielding an ineligible player in their quest to qualify during the playoff series.

Multiple sources claimed that Byron Castillo forged his documents to prove that he was born in Ecuador in 1998 while in fact he was born in Colombia in 1998. Although it is not yet known whether the player committed the forgery himself or if he was supported by the Football Association Ecuadorean, the sentence is set to be severe if the allegations are proven.

Furthermore, some states have submitted their claims regarding the potentially vacant place when it was officially announced. One is Chile, and the Chileans, who finished seventh and were knocked out of the World Cup qualifying spots, are said to be pushing petitions to replace Ecuador. Their case is precarious because Peru, who finished above them, has yet to play a playoff against Australia.

The famous news agency Mundo Deportivo reported that FIFA has reached a decision to prevent Ecuador from competing in Mundo this year in Qatar, while the official investigation is still ongoing. The news agency reported that in the coming weeks, FIFA will provide an official notification to Ecuador.

Italy is asking for a potential vacancy

The Italians also registered their intent to reserve the ticket should it be available. The Italians will try to hijack the situation on the grounds that they are the highest-ranked team to miss the World Cup.

The Ecuadoreans fell in the first group, which included the host country Qatar, Senegal and the Netherlands. The Chileans also sent their legal representatives to FIFA to quickly look into the matter and impose the harshest penalties in Ecuador if they are found guilty.

“Chilean football was clearly a serious offense committed by the player (Byron Castillo). We have no doubts, with the documents we have, [de] He is Colombian. “We have a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end,” said Eduardo Carlizo, head of the Chilean legal team.

“I’m sure FIFA has the knowledge and the need to speed this up very quickly. We are expecting a demonstration this week,” the Chilean legal representative added.

The situation appears to be gaining more momentum as FIFA and other concerned agencies are currently investigating the Chileans’ allegations and the official statements are supposed to be made any time from now.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum