The Midfield Marvel Coveted By Europe’s Top Clubs

It’s not easy to finish runners-up two seasons in a row. Once is enough but twice? That’s just cruel. Unfortunately for Eindhoven, fate befell them. With the Ajax team led by Erik Ten Hag advancing at full capacity, the opponents did not stand a chance. Things could go wrong for PSV in the current transfer market. Several of their stars have attracted huge interest, with Ibrahim Sinjari at the top of the list.

The dominant defensive midfielder has been a prodigy over the past few years. His quality on the ground and in the air has made him one of the best midfielders in the Eredivisie.

PSV Eindhoven is famous for developing young talents like Mohamed Tahatrine, who has become one of the best young strikers

Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea are just a few of the clubs keeping a close eye on his situation. So what does Sancar bring to the table that has seen Europe shine in all its glory?

center line machine

Brahim Sancar joined PSV Eindhoven from Toulouse in 2020. In the two years since he’s grown into a 6’3 170 lb giant. But he was always an exceptional footballer. In the 2019-20 season with Toulouse, Sancar averaged 6.24 assists forward, 5.12 assists to the final third, and 3.55 assists per 90.

These are the numbers that make it a garden center marvel. Sangare is very quick to move into attack from defense, without compromising his tactical intelligence.

The 24-year-old is always looking to pass on superstars such as Dutch superstar Cody Gakbo and rising talent Noni Maduweke. His physical dominance and ability to handle time made him lead the Dutch First Division.

Sangare is a special talent, not afraid to do the dirty work. Furthermore, even when he does not contribute to his team’s offensive prowess, Sangare has the ability to bolster the defense. PSV scored the third best allowed goal (42) and the second best goal difference (44).

Sancar has been a huge part of PSV Eindhoven to shine with Ajax in 2021-22. A deeper look at his stats will seek to further clarify just how talented Sangare is.

Statistics and figure of Ibrahim Sanjari

Sancar is a defensive midfielder, so three goals and two assists in the league is normal. It’s the other areas in which he excels. His total of 169 passes (95) and interceptions (74) is the highest among all players in the Netherlands. In addition, Sangare also scored 14 blocks.

It has an 86.1% pass rate, along with a 54.5% crossover pass rate. Sangare’s physical abilities are demonstrated with an average of 12.7 duels per 90, winning 62.8% of them.

One of the best aspects of Sangare’s game is how easy it is to escape the pressure of competitors. This is evidenced by 2.53 dodges made per 90, which are successful 69.1% of the time.

Sancar created 22 chances in 2021-22, and was the main reason why the PSV Eindhoven strikers were able to score freely. On top of that, they didn’t have to go back to defense on many occasions, as Sangare dumped everything that fell into his hand.

However, it can be detected if there are fast attackers attacking it, which has happened many times. Sancar fouled 35 times, but was fouled 34 times by the two opposing teams.

Scout Ibrahim Sinjar report

Ibrahim Sanjari was the only player in the Eredivisie to have made more than 1.5 tackles, 1.5 dribbles, 1.5 interceptions and 50 assists per match. This speaks volumes about why there are so many big clubs after him.

according to football , Sangare’s three goals came from xG by 1.52, which means he can be fast going forward. He had an xOVA of 1.35 and an xT of 2.12, which included 1.61 passes.

Furthermore, Sangare attempted 15.7 defensive actions and 10.1 defensive duels. Those metrics are better than his French counterpart Aurelien Chuamini, who has signed for Real Madrid.

Sangare has been a star in the making since his days in Toulouse, tackling and intercepting his homeland. It will be very interesting to see him continue to develop into a top-level club vying for titles.

Is it looming?

There is no doubt that Sangare will be moving sooner rather than later. The PSV Eindhoven star is shortlisted for several clubs in England, along with Paris Saint-Germain as well. Manchester United need to sign players, and Erik ten Hag is very familiar with Sancar.

The Red Devils’ lack of a world-class defensive midfielder has been evident for some time. Sangare could be the perfect addition.

Chelsea, under new owners, are looking for a successor to N’Golo Kante if the Frenchman leaves.

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Liverpool are in the midst of signing Darwin Nunez’s goal machine, and are also looking to promote from James Milner and Jordan Henderson. Moreover, even Manchester City could get in on the action, given Fernandinho’s departure from the club.

Liverpool have already hired rising star Fabio Carvalho to add to the three at the front

Sancar is said to prefer a move to the Premier League, and those dreams may soon become a reality.

Therefore, whichever team he gets, he will have a serious gem for years to come. Sangare just needs to translate the successes he’s already had to his new club.