Aurelien Tchouameni To Real Madrid: Grading The Marquee Transfer

There is no stopping for Real Madrid! Less than a month after wrapping up a record 14th Champions League title after the impressive performances of their young players, Real Madrid finished signing another title. Fantastic Monaco midfielder Aurelien Tchouameni has decided to sign for Real Madrid in a €80 million plus €100 million deal. He will sign a contract until 2027 and will strengthen the strength of Real Madrid’s young squad.

Did Real Madrid overpay for the French midfielder? How good is chomini? How does he adapt to Real Madrid? Here we rank Aurelien Chuamini’s move to Real Madrid based on several factors.

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Aurelien Chomeni’s playing style and analysis

Chwamini is a true defensive midfielder who has the skill of playing the ball to compliment his defensive acumen. Among the wide range of talented young French players, Choamene was nearing the top.

Currently, Real Madrid has an undisputed midfield triple player who has won many titles. The Casemiro-Kroos-Modric hub is perfect in the way their games fit seamlessly in.

This is because Casemiro acts as a pure destroyer just before the central defender. His ability to stop opponents’ attacks through clever interceptions and clever fouling has made him one of the best defensive midfielders in the world. This defensive acumen is complemented by Kroos’ elite ability to play ball from the center of the park. Next, Luka Modric, the enduring prodigy, takes on the task of linking defense with attack.

Tchouameni fits perfectly with the “troika 2.0” that Real Madrid is trying to create. With Kroos, Casemiro and Modric all three on the wrong side of the 30’s, Madrid began planning for the succession.

Succession planning began in defense as well, with Vinicius signing Tobias for the full-back role. Click to find out who Vinicius Tobias is.

Having signed Eduardo Camavinga as the No. 6 player last year, his game has blossomed in an offensive sense. He’s now more than just a box-to-box player. Valverde is a willing runner but is more limited in playing the ball than Kroos or Modric. This is where chwamini comes in.

He combines Casemiro’s defensive acumen with ball-playing skills to complement the advanced midfielders in front of him.

Grade: A-

Statistics for Aurelian Tchouameni

Aurelien Tchouameni ranked first in both Ligue 1 in interceptions, with a score of 114. He was in the players’ 92nd percentile when it came to tackles. 2.46 aerobics he won per match putting him in the rank of 87 per cent of players.

What the numbers above show is that there is a strong defensive midfielder who stops attacks by positioning him first and foremost. However, he is not afraid to go into a tackle if necessary. He is not being harassed in the air which would be a huge plus for Real Madrid as they are currently hiring weaker-than-average central players in the air.

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However, this is not enough. Chuamini perfectly imitates Casemiro’s qualities but at his best, he can be his upgrade. It is more comfortable to handle the ball than the Brazilian. Chwamini has the ability to play streak-breaking passes from deep, something that Toni Kroos is dropping deep for at the moment.

Play 5.66 forward passes / 90 puts in 87th percentile of players across Europe. So, it’s not a purely defensive destroyer. Like Camavinga, he can carry the ball from deep defensive lines or split it with killer passes.

Grade: A +

Aurelian Tchouameni Transfer Fee – Value for Money?

Real Madrid reportedly closed the deal for 80 million plus 100 million euros. This might sound like overpaying for a 22-year-old with only two seasons of proper first-team football (he made 28 appearances over three seasons prior to 2020-2021). However, if Real Madrid’s current strategy is anything to go by, it’s well-thought-out spending.

Real Madrid have visualized their strategy after some huge failures of late. They are no longer trying to get their hands on the new trendy player on the market, like James Rodriguez or Eden Hazard. Instead, they prefer to hedge their bets on some fairly large overlays on younger players.

The likes of Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr, Valverde and Camavinga are being valued at a premium than when they joined the club. Their fees at the time looked as if Real Madrid had been looted. However, the long-term playing of the club has paid off many times over.

Real target next Neymar Рwho is Andr̩c Felipe, the 15-year-old Brazilian who lights up Brazilian football

Aurelien Tchouameni hopes to join the “Young Galacticos” roster by the end of next season. If he does, Real Madrid will look like forward thinkers once again in a world where clubs are rushing to find a shiny new game in the market to be proud of.

Grade: B +

Aurelien Tchouameni Probability Fit and Expectations

It is unlikely that Chuamini will be a starter for Real Madrid from day one. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric still dominate at the top. Behind them, the likes of Valverde and Camavinga have cemented their places with a string of best performances, especially in this season’s Champions League.

Aurelien Chuamini should look to follow Camavinga’s plan to succeed at Real Madrid. Camavinga played a total of 35 matches in La Liga and the Champions League, but most of them were off the bench. He played only about 40% of all the minutes. However, the effect he had in those limited minutes was a game-changer. Especially in the Champions League, he came to turn the matches against Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain in the interest of his team.

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Camavinga has liked himself to everyone at Real Madrid with his committed and energetic performances this season. If Chuamini can take advantage of his limited opportunities with both hands next season, his and Real Madrid’s hopes for a smooth succession planning will come true.

Madrid is also targeting Lovro Mager, nicknamed Luka Modric’s heir. If all goes well, the 2.0 midfield trio could have Chuamini as Casemiro, Lofero Mager as Modric, and Camavinga as the more dynamic version of Toni Kroos. Not a bad plan, especially with Federico Valverde’s flexible skill set to back them up, as he can play ably in a variety of positions.

The final grade: