Lewandowski behaviour described as embarrassing amidst Bayern Munich exit row

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Written by Martin Graham | June 10, 2022

Poland captain Robert Lewandowski has been reprimanded by a former Poland international for the way he handled the Bayern Munich transfer saga.

It is no news that Lewandowski has officially announced that his future lies elsewhere in the German Bundesliga giants. Speaking at a press conference for Poland during the ongoing international break, the 33-year-old said: “My story at Bayern is over. After all that has happened in recent months, I cannot imagine more good cooperation.

“Bayern are a serious team and I hope they don’t just keep me because they can. Transfer is the best solution for all parties.”

Since then, it has been understood that the striker was critical of the treatment he received as he was ready to enter contract extension talks with the club who, at the time, was stalking Erling Haaland as they plotted his succession plan.

Haaland has since moved to the Premier League after Manchester City beat countless clubs trying to sign him from Borussia Dortmund.

But that incident created a rift between the club and the player that cannot be repaired as it is. Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn said in response to Lewandowski after the shocking revelation: “Why Robert chose this way, I can’t tell you. Such public statements are not helpful to anyone involved.”

“Robert won the title as Footballer of the Year twice in a row, he should know what Bayern means to him. Appreciation is not a one-way street.”

Lewandowski, who is linked to Barcelona and is said to have agreed personal terms with the Catalan club, has continued to criticize him in the media ever since. His compatriot and senior team member of the Polish national team, Artur Wiecnierc, has thrown his weight on the striker’s crusade to leave the Allianz Arena.

What was said

Wiechniarke believes Lewandowski could have handled the situation better as he risks tarnishing his image and the successful career he has built at the club. In his eight years, he rose to become the club’s second-best scorer, scoring 344 goals while claiming 19 titles.

Wichniark, who played for two German Bundesliga clubs in his era, said: Sky Deutschland On Lewandowski’s campaign to leave Bayern: “I think it’s embarrassing what he says to his club. Robert Lewandowski has received very bad advice at the moment. I doubt very much whether it was good tactical behavior for Robert.

“I think Lewandowski and Benny Zahavi forgot that Robert has a valid contract with Bayern Munich. As his advisor, I would have said: ‘Come on, let’s talk to Bayern in private and see if there is a way out’.”

Wiechniarck did not fail to call up Bayern’s leadership for not emphasizing Lewandowski’s confidence in him in the entire Haaland story. “Robert has hurt the way he has been treated in the past six months – especially when it comes to Haaland,” the former Poland international said.

“Bayern claimed they weren’t interested in Haaland – at the end of the day it appeared that Bayern had had talks after all. That annoyed Robert a lot.”

Bayern is currently looking for replacements for Lewandowski.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum