🔴 Arsenal News: Club announces out of contract players

Arsenal have announced the presence of players outside their contract ahead of Friday’s scheduled announcement of 2021/22 and a list of free transfers to member clubs by the Premier League.

Alexandre Lacazette is among those allowed to leave the club after his contract expired.

The Frenchman has since returned to the French side, Lyon, where he began his football career.

Eddie Nkeitia, who had a good end to the season, was also added to the list, although the club have made it clear that discussions are underway to renew his deal.

First team lineups, men and women:

  • Lisa Evans
  • Tobin Heath
  • Alex Lacazette
  • Eddie Nketia (offer of contract, discussions underway)
  • Victoria Schneanderbeck
  • Lydia Williams (ongoing discussions)

Men’s teams under 18 and under 23 years old

  • Jonathan Denzi
  • Joel Lopez
  • Jordan McKeniffe

A statement from the club on Friday read:

“We thank all the players mentioned above for their contributions to the club during the periods of their permanent contracts or loan contracts with us.

“You will always be a part of the Arsenal family and we wish you all the best, happiness and success in your future”,

The club further indicated that it will present further developments with regard to players extending their contracts; Joining / Rejoining.