Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets hits out at the club

Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets has criticized the club after learning that the club would be taking pay cuts through the press.

Barcelona are trying to balance their books and will once again ask their players to take a pay cut, and while Basquets is not opposed to the move, he said he was disappointed not to hear the same from the referees themselves.

“I heard a lot of things that were said and when I come back from vacation I don’t know what they will tell me,” the midfielder told a news conference while on duty with the Spanish national team.

“I would like them to tell me not to find out from somewhere else, but I am always willing to help. They have not suggested anything to us, nor have they told us anything other than what we hear from you (the press). It is not the best decision to do it through the press, it is always better to be directly and face to face.

Barcelona are currently in the market for new players and have been strongly associated with Robert Lewandowski’s move although they would have to get rid of some high-income earners to fund such a move.