Derby County’s New Star Catching Eyeballs

She has played 46 matches, 14 wins, 13 draws, 19 losses, goal difference minus eight, and is 23rd in the league. Taking a casual look, it looks like Derby County has had a disappointing season. Unfortunately, the rams Who survived relegation by one point last year, could not avoid relegation to the First Division this time.

However, the team hit a 21-point deduction after coming under management control. From there, it was a tough demand for Wayne Rooney’s men, but they fought back. There were many positives for the side this season. One of them is the highly-rated striker Malcolm Ebiwe. The 18-year-old has appeared on the scene this season, scoring one goal and making assists.

Malcolm Ebewe has earned the praise of his manager Rooney with several clubs reportedly putting up offers for the teenager.

But who is Malcolm Ebiwe?

Who is Malcolm Ebiwe?

Malcolm Ebiwe is an 18-year-old striker who has made 16 Derby County appearances this season. The young man is a skilled player and skilled in scoring and creating goals. If Derby wants an immediate promotion to the championship, players like him will be essential to the team.

He started his career with Arsenal, spending four years of his youth career. He then spent two years at West Ham United and Rangers respectively before hitting the Derby.

Malcolm Ebiwe is of Nigerian descent and holds Dutch and English citizenship. Like England and Holland at the youth level.

His introduction to the team demonstrated Wayne Rooney’s confidence in the player despite their precarious situation.

Probable Malcolm Ebiowei

Despite being only 18 years old, Malcolm Ebiwe has shown that he can handle pressure. With the status of the club, it was difficult for any player to immediately influence the team.

In his short career, he has appeared with Arsenal U18s and West Ham United U18s.

So he also had the experience of being at a big club which helped him a lot if we saw his appearance.

Malcolm Ebewe stats

In the 16 apparitions he made, Malcolm Ebiwe was a major influence. He took 23 shots, six of which were on target, with a shot success rate of 26.1 percent. While his pass rate is only 75.5 percent, he is very good at duels (45.4 percent) and dribbling (51.1 percent). Additionally, he made 19 chances.

His aerial success rate is 21.4 percent, which is good enough considering his 1.85-meter frame.

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This season, Malcolm Ebiwe has mostly played as an attacking midfielder in the 4-2-3-1 derby scheme. But it was enough to attract everyone’s attention. He showed himself to be very smart by using a late run in the penalty area. His only goal this season came this way.

He’s also very fast, which helps him get past defenses. Combined with his quick footprint, this ability makes him a devastating player in the offensive third.

He is also a set-piece specialist, as one of his passes comes from a free kick.

Malcolm Ebiwe future

Malcolm Ebiwe is already on the radars of many clubs. Manchester United are believed to be the favorites for the teenager. They think he will be an excellent addition to the club’s upcoming group of young players, such as Kobe Maino.

Tottenham and Crystal Palace are the other two sides who have expressed interest.

The Old Trafford team could have an advantage because of the Wayne Rooney connection. But for now, Derby County would ideally like to keep him if they were looking to return to championship And maybe the Premier League.