Analysing Argentina’s Chances at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

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Written by Martin Graham | 6 June 2022

A sneak peek at the World Cup winner’s odds in Qatar will show Argentina isn’t in the cards. Moreover, the Brazilians are the clear candidates for the tournament.

With an impeccable streak in the playoffs and a myriad of talents across all areas of the field, it would be hard to bet against them.

The other aspect to watch out for is the England team. The Three Lions are notorious for their regular failures to leave any reasonable mark in most tournaments, but that can’t be ruled out. The quality available in the England squad is almost unmatched and said to be the best since the golden age of the early 2000s.

Also mentions the French national team, Belgium and Spain. These parties have a strong core and betting companies rate them higher than Argentina to win the gold prize.

But the Albiceleste team reminded the world of its value with a superb display to beat the dull Italians in a one-sided match at Finalissima. This clearly shows that we must not exclude the Argentines.

Although it can be said that the team is made up of players relatively new to the national team, there seems to be a determination at the heart of this Argentine team. Their physicality coupled with their extraordinary bragging rights is impressive and sure to stir up excitement in Qatar.

Argentina quality depth

As horrible as the Italians were and lacked any quality in Finalissima, the Argentines should not be discredited by their dominant display from start to finish. The quality of their substitutes should intimidate their opponents in the World Cup.

Moreover, the experienced players on the team are still working. Lionel Messi had a below-average season at Paris Saint-Germain, but he has shown no sign of letting up as he has completely led the Italian team. Messi is a world class player and with his teammates, only good things can come out of this.

There are many candidates for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. The likes of France are filled with a host of superstars, England and its many right-backs, Spain with its youthful magicians, Brazil with its dancers and Belgium with its demons.

Albiceleste seems to be a combination of all of these teams, and is just as dangerous as any of them.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum