From Playing “Against Us” To The Hope Of Real Madrid

“Don’t pass to him. He’s playing against us.” These were the words of Real Madrid star Karim Benzema about a young player in his team. The Frenchman was caught on camera making this statement to his teammate Ferland Mendy. From his point of view, the young player was playing so poorly that it would have been better for Real Madrid not to pass the ball to him for the rest of the match.

A little kid being mocked as a team mascot? Don’t come back much of it. So, what do you think happened to this kid?

“I don’t know why we don’t talk about Vinicius more when discussing the best players in the world. I think he is among the top five,” Benzema said this season. In the most amazing transformation, Vinicius Junior at Real Madrid has become the story of overcoming adversity and facing challenges head on, with his style. Which has become a brand now, only shuffle bypassing them.

The 21-year-old is part of Real Madrid’s attack and currently, together with Karim Benzema, constitutes the most dangerous attacking duo in football. Vinicius Junior was an integral part of the Real Madrid squad that made their way to winning the 35th league title.

Although Karim Benzema has always been a superstar, it is Vinicius’ support as a vice-president that has made Real Madrid such a force this season. And now he has the perfect chance to end a great season by winning the Champions League.

we are in football Look at the numbers behind Vinicius Jr’s amazing season.

Vinicius Jr. is a star

By the time Real Madrid face Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League Final at the Parc des Princes, Vinicius Junior had played 1,021 minutes in the competition. Of this, 966 minutes came in his preferred position on the left wing. And he’s been fantastic throughout the Champions League campaign.

according to smartscott, The Vinicius Jr. link game is rated at 81, while it is rated at 99, the highest possible dribbling rating. Additionally, he has a rating of 90 for ball retention. We have more statistics to support these rankings. Vinicius Jr has provided six assists this season and according to FotoMob, He created 31 chances, the biggest in the Champions League.

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid

according to FootMobhis expected assists are 3.6, which indicates the superior performance in the Champions League.

for him La Liga The stats are better. He is the third best scorer and assisting maker in the league. Vinicius has been a consistent player too, with a goal conversion rate of 21.25 per cent in the league, better than Karim Benzema.

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid

Coming back to dribbling, he also has a dribbling rating of 99, just like the Champions League. It is easy to see why. according to football , Vinicius Jr. completed 96 successful dribbles, the highest in the league, thanks to which his dribbling rating of 83 is the best in the country.

according to fbref He attempted 7.33 dribbles in 90 minutes in the last 365 days, better than 99 percent of attacking midfielders and wingers. And she managed to achieve 3.32 successful dribbles, better than 97% of attackers.

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid

His return with 17 goals and 10 assists is the first time a player born in 2000 has scored and assisted with ten goals or more. La Liga.

all-around striker

One of the reasons for Real Madrid’s success is the versatility of Benzema and Vinicius Jr Expected Threat (xT) It is a metric that measures the offensive threat to a player. This metric takes action that precedes goals, assists, and key passes to determine how a player participates in the team’s attack.

According to football , Vincus Jr. has xT 6.93, the fourth best player in Europe. A more accurate analysis of the statistics shows just how amazing his talent is. The xT scale is divided into two parts, xT of passes and xT of load. He is in the second scale where the 21-year-old shows his true potential.

With a rating of 4.91 in xT of carry, Vinicius Jr stands head and shoulders above everyone else in the top five leagues. The second best players are Mohamed Salah and Kylian Mbappe with a distance of 3.56 and 3.33, respectively. This shows that he is the most destructive player in Europe with the ball at his feet.

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid

But how do we determine the effect of xT on his play?

For this, we need to look at a couple of stats. First, the stats from Sucrement He has shown that he is the third highest opportunity maker in the league. In addition, he has also won with 74 fouls, which is the fifth best player in the league. This means that messing with him is the best way to prevent him, and any failure to do so usually ends up creating chances, assists or scoring. This is why he wins a penalty kick every eight matches, among the top 1% of attackers.

Another metric could verify the credibility of his high offensive credentials. The expected offensive value added value (xOVA) is a metric that calculates a player’s total offensive contribution.

The Vinicius is the best player with a xOVA rating of 13.83 inches La Liga.

Vinicius Junior Real Madrid

Its campaign numbers are also relatively high. Fbref The stats show that he has completed 13.19 rackets, being among the top attackers with 1%. Same goes for touches in the penalty area, Progressive holds a distance, and carries in the penalty area.

What’s next for Vinicius Jr.?

While Vinicius Jr has always been an integral part of Los Blancos In the future, its importance increased significantly after the saga of Kylian Mbappe. With Benzema not progressing at a younger age, Vincos Jr has to build on this season and improve.

Doing so would not only help Madrid reduce the loss in attack due to Kylian Mabppe but would also allow the club to invest money in other positions.

Vinicius Jr. had a great season that he could finish by winning the Champions League. However, not doing so will not diminish the big numbers he has posted this season.