Mbappe to stay at PSG; LaLiga to file complaint over financial details of deal

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Written by Martin Graham | May 22 2022

La Liga has reacted angrily to Paris Saint-Germain’s renewal of Kylian Mbappe.

The 23-year-old World Cup winner has been the subject of much speculation over transfers with Real Madrid and until Saturday, he was believed to seal a move to the Spanish giants.

Real Madrid offered 230 million euros to buy Mbappe last season, but failed. Mbappe’s contract was due to expire in June and Los Blancos were willing to give him a registration fee of £110m and wages of £20m a year after tax.

However, the 2018 Copa Cup winner stunned the world, especially Real Madrid fans who chanted his name at the Santiago Bernabeu last weekend believing he was coming to play for their club.

He signed a massive deal that will keep him up to 202 tons at Parc des Princes, where he will spend another season playing alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar in the world’s most lethal attack.

PSG have offered Mbappe a salary of £4m a month, double his from his old contract, along with a £100m registration fee. He will also get concessions on his image rights and some other rewards.

He became the highest-paid player in the world after the new contract, which angered the Spanish league, which was looking to get the star in the league.

La Liga lost Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi in a three-year span and is currently the only top five league without a superstar. While this loss seriously damages their reputation, they are more concerned about the financial details.

La Liga statement on the renewal of Mbappe

The La Liga leadership has stated that it will file a complaint with UEFA, the French tax authorities and the European Union over “Paris Saint-Germain’s non-compliance with the UEFA fair financial game”, while claiming that PSG’s behavior is similar to that of supporters of the European Premier League.

A statement issued by LaLiga on Saturday evening read: “This type of agreement attacks the economic sustainability of European football, jeopardizing hundreds of thousands of jobs and sporting integrity – not only in European competitions, but also in domestic leagues.

“It is scandalous for a club like Paris Saint-Germain, which last season reported losses of more than 220 million euros, after accumulating losses of more than 700 million euros in previous seasons (with sponsorship income reported at a questionable valuation) at a cost to a sports staff of around 650 million. Euros for this 2021-22 season could face an agreement on these characteristics while those clubs that could accept the player’s arrival without seeing their pay bill settled are left without being able to sign him.

“For all of the above, LaLiga will file a complaint against PSG before UEFA, the administrative and tax authorities in France and before the relevant bodies of UEFA, to continue to defend and sustain European football’s economic ecosystem.”

Meanwhile, PSG have stated that they are ready for whatever La Liga throws at them in the coming weeks or months.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum