The Most Valuable Football Sponsorship Deals in the World

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By Jonathan Lewis | May 19, 2022

Football’s popularity means that it affects the masses in every way. Understanding this, many sponsors have turned to famous teams to offer very attractive sponsorship offers, which also helps sponsor names and brands to get closer to world fans through football. Not only that, but the famous bookmakers also participate in these lucrative contracts so that their reputation is saved in the minds of the fans. You can easily see pictures of famous football club on big betting apps like Hollywood Beat App. So, what sponsorship contracts are contained in football history?

Barcelona – £47 million/year

Barcelona, ​​the Japanese e-commerce company and Rakuten have a shirt sponsorship deal worth £47m a year, as do Manchester United and TeamViewer. Barcelona’s contract with Rakuten signed in 2017 is 4 years and has been extended. It was Gerard Pique who brought this sponsorship to Barcelona through his relationship with Rakuten Chairman and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani.

Paris Saint-Germain – £43 million / year

The French hotel unit Accor supports France’s largest club with a contract worth more than £40 million a year. However, this contract is on the verge of collapse due to several problems related to timely payment.

Chelsea – 40 million pounds sterling / year

British media giant Three has replaced Yokohama to become sponsor of Chelsea at a rate of £40m/year. Like other big teams, trophies and stars have helped Chelsea attract a lot of sponsorship. Previously, they had long-term cooperation with Fly Emirates and Samsung.

Manchester United – £47m/year

A new contract with TeamViewer helped Manchester United rise to second place. But, at £47m/yr, Manchester United are still far from Real Madrid’s level. TeamViewer still hopes that the collaboration with Manchester United will help expand the brand. On the Manchester United side, this sponsorship contract could help the club get more financial resources to recruit top players soon.

Real Madrid – £60m/year

Real Madrid is the team that currently enjoys the most valuable shirt sponsorship in the world with £60 million annually from Emirates Airlines. In the opposite direction, the Emirates airline also attracted more interest thanks to the Galactico project in Los Blancos with the highlight of the signing contract of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2009. Not only that, but Real Madrid also left a beautiful imprint on the hearts of fans when they were the kings of the Champions League Europe undefeated for three consecutive years.

Juventus – £40m/year

When it comes to Italian football, Juventus is no longer an exotic name, it is the most successful team and brings all Italian fans home. Therefore, major brands such as Jeep and Adidas have invested heavily in this team with an amount of up to $121 million per season. Juventus has been associated with many different brands for many years. Starting with Ariston in 1981, and then in 200-2003 they signed a contract with the famous sponsor Lotto. Then there is Nike and even now, they bring fame to the Jeep brand with a contract until 2024. Not only that, the Jeep brand Owned by the Agnelli family who also own Juventus via the Exor group of companies. He also did not hesitate to invest 55 million dollars in the Italian national team every season.

Getting a contract with famous teams is not easy, even sponsors have to spend huge sums on players to wear their branded jerseys, but the team in return will get attention and raise their prestige a lot.

Jonathan Lewis is a sports writer for MFF

The most important football sponsorship deals in the world