Lionel Messi’s agent denies Inter Miami rumours

Jorge, Lionel Messi’s agent, has denied reports that the Paris Saint-Germain striker will join the Major League Soccer.

As reported by Alex Candal of DirectTv Sports, Messi will join Inter Miami in 2023 when his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires. Other reports claim that the Argentine is expected to buy 35% of Miami before he plays for David Beckham’s side.

“Leo has not decided his future yet. And if Leo Messi intersects with David Beckham in the past few hours, it is only as part of Paris Saint-Germain’s stay in Doha where the former England midfielder plays an ambassador role for the following hours. Messi’s agent told Le Parisien (h/ RTMZ Sports) “World Cup in Qatar”.

Forbes’ Tom Sanderson noted that Messi said in 2020: “I’ve always dreamed of being able to enjoy and experience living in the United States, and experiencing what it’s like to the league there.”

Messi, who joined Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona last summer, will have his contract with the Ligue 1 giants expire in the summer of 2023.