Cardiff are interested in signing Gareth Bale this summer

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Written by Martin Graham | May 18 2022

Gareth Bale will leave Real Madrid when his contract expires on June 30.

The Welsh striker is not sure what’s next, but it depends on whether Wales 2 will qualify for the World Cup.

When Roxette sang the hit song, “It Must Have Been Love,” she must have been thinking about Gareth Bale. The Welsh striker had two lukewarm seasons at Real Madrid, but the love affair is now over.

It’s not uncommon to see a love affair that seemed made in heaven go awry, and the two become enemies. The list is long of guys who seemed to be enjoying a relationship that would last forever, only for things to go south.

There is something different at Real Madrid. The fans were so successful that they felt like royalty, and they expect players to treat them as such. The player can be loved and adored by Los Blancos fans, but one mistaken move will see them turn against him like a pack of wolves.

Nobody understands this better than Gareth Bale. He was once loved by the followers of the Bernabeu. The Welshman sees the end of his contract this summer, and the club is eager to see his back.

Cardiff, Wales and an uncertain future

The volatile relationship between Gareth Bale and Real Madrid will end this summer, with the Welshman unsure of what lies ahead. There have been rumors regarding a possible retirement from the game, but all of that is unconfirmed.

As Bale ponders his future and discussions continue over his next port of call, Cardiff has emerged as a surprise contender to sign the striker. The agent confirmed that a return to his homeland is possible.

Gareth Bale arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu to great fanfare and threw in his early years at the club. Things started to go south with a consistent string of injuries and the Welshman put his country ahead of the club. Real Madrid tried to dump him, but Gareth Bale preferred to terminate his contract, which infuriated the fans.

A future depends on the World Cup

Wales is waiting on the sidelines to find out her fate in the next World Cup. Wales is awaiting a decision on the outcome of the tie between Scotland and Ukraine. Whatever UEFA decides, Wales will play either country on June 5.

Bale will join a new club before the tournament in November if Wales qualify for the World Cup. It is not clear what will follow Gareth Bale if Wales miss the World Cup.

Cardiff is among the clubs interested in contracting with Gareth Bale. Jonathan Barnett, the player’s agent, spoke to Portuguese newspaper Record. Barnett claims that decisions will be based on Wales’ standing before the World Cup. He claims that Bale is likely to return to England.

The 32-year-old spent nine seasons with Real Madrid and won 15 titles, including four Champions League titles.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum