Guardiola: We will give the game of our lives

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola said his team will do their best when they face Aston Villa in the final game of the season next week.

City will be crowned champions by defeating Steven Gerrard’s team, regardless of the outcome of the confrontation between second-placed Liverpool and Wolves.

The defending champions squandered points against West Ham on Sunday afternoon, a match they could have won had Riyad Mahrez netted his 86th penalty.

“We knew we had tough matches,” Guardiola said.

“West Ham are away after an exceptional performance against Wolverhampton – we knew it – we needed four points – and now there’s no debate about goal difference, no argument about anything, we just have to win our game and if we don’t, Liverpool will be champions.”

“I can assure you of one thing – in one week our stadium will be sold, he will give them our souls and he will give them all.

“Doing this is an incredible privilege, after so many years together. It’s incredible.

“To have our chance with our people, to win one game and be champions. I’m looking forward to it.”

“We will rest for two days, lose mental contact and then we will go to practice for three or four days and prepare for the game on Sunday.

“It will be tough and emotional and we have to analyze what we have to do to beat Aston Villa, but we will give everything we have for 95 minutes to win, I’m sure of that…all we have.”

Klopp also gave credit to Liverpool for pushing his team to the finish.

“One of the best teams I’ve seen in my life – against Liverpool – this Liverpool team, you can’t win the league for three or four games. It’s impossible.

“They fought, we are fighting and it is a great and great privilege to be at home and it is in our hands… We will give everything.

“I said (to the players), ‘Don’t be sad today, we put in a really good performance’ and that’s fair against this opponent because both teams are very good and that’s why it’s like that.