Top Facts You Should Know About Burnley Boss Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson won the Premier League Manager of the Month for April. from? exactly. Mike Jackson took over from Burnley in April following the sacking of Sean Daichi. Burnley was shaped like a Dyche so much, it was hard to imagine anyone else running it. However, Jackson was a breath of fresh air for everyone associated with the club.

Clarett has had 10 points from five games under him, including three straight wins. They are on a real cry for survival, with a game in hand against Leeds United in 18th place. If Burnley stays up, Mike Jackson and his team will be one of the stories of the season.

So, who is this player-turned-coach and how did he get to Burnley? football It provides information on the most frequently traded coach in the Premier League at the moment.

Scocer in the heart

Mike Jackson grew up in Liverpool, and was a fan of the Reds. It was clear from the way he played against Everton, and he still works as an assistant manager. Jackson was late to join the party on the list of General Manager nominations. However, it will be the story of the season for Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola if Burnley stays promoted.

Spent time in the lower sections

Jackson was a regular cross-club player in the late 1990s. He had spells with Bury, Preston North End, Tranmere Rovers, and others. Jackson was a strong central defender that his teammates relied on and was loved across all clubs. His experience from his playing days certainly makes up Burnley’s midfield line of defense.

Preston Player of the Year

Undoubtedly, it was in Preston where Mike Jackson spent his best years. He made 288 appearances over seven years in his longest stint. In the 1998-99 season, “Jaco” was named Player of the Year after his impressive performances in the back. It included a dedicated effort against the great Arsenal in the FA Cup. Jackson continued to represent the club impeccably until 2004.

Second Division Winner

Although he won Player of the Year in 1999, Mike Jackson would have enjoyed his first club trophy the following year. Preston missed the playoffs in 1999 after losing to Gillingham. However, the players were stimulated by this grief in an amazing way.

Preston North End
Preston North End celebrates its 1999-2000 Second Division title. Image credits:

Preston would lose just seven games in 1999-2000 to secure the Division Two title. Thus, Preston returned to the second division after an absence of nearly 20 years.

Join the competitors

Mike Jackson left Preston North End in 2004, joining Tranmere Rovers who had been on a short loan tenure. Two years later, he ended up signing for Blackpool for free. The Lilywhites had a huge rivalry with Blackpool and Jackson’s move could have divided fans. However, he is still popular in Deepdale and will continue to earn more honors soon.

another promotion

Blackpool had been a regular contender for promotion to the championship prior to the arrival of Mike Jackson. However, they took the necessary extra step and went all the way in 2006-2007. Jackson was the captain all the way and cemented his status as an instant hero.

Blackpool win the promotion
Mike Jackson lifts the trophy as Blackpool win promotion to the championship. Image credits:

Early retirement and the first steps in training

Mike Jackson was forced to retire at the age of 37 after persistent problems with his knee. He was playing for Shrewsbury Town but announced that he would step away from playing in January 2010. After that, Jackson joined the coaching staff and was the interim manager for the final in 2009-2010.

Full-time manager and landing

Jackson took over permanently at the end of the 2013-14 season. This came after he served as assistant to Graham Turner. However, Jackson was unable to save Shrewsbury Town from falling into the second league. However, he will remain as an assistant under the new management of Mickey Mellon.

Time via Tranmere

Mellon and Jackson will join forces again in Tranmere Rovers, the latter used to play. There had been a good few years, and Jackson was appointed technical director again in mid-2020. However, he was sacked in October.

From under 23 to a big team

Burnley appointed Mike Jackson as interim U-23 manager in July 2021. Then came the final task – managing the Premier Club. Jackson received assistance from other lieutenants and Commander Ben Mei. Jackson is almost the perfect man to take on this challenge, given his past experiences. Burnley still has a lot of work to do, but they are on the right track.