Mathare United explains reasons for forfeiting three Premier League matches

Mathari United, the former Kenyan league champion, explained the reasons for losing three league matches.

The Slum Boys have had a rough season in the league, with their situation deteriorating due to recent financial constraints.

This resulted in the team losing their first match on April 23 against Bandari FC, which was their first since they started appearing in the Premier League 28 years ago.

A statement from the club’s founder and president, Bob Monroe, on Monday sought to further explain the club’s financial situation.

“Since the 2021-22 season began eight months ago, our club has only been able to continue playing for four main reasons; donations and loans from sympathetic friends, the patience of our service providers, strict oversight/cost cutting, understanding and sacrifices from our increasingly desperate players, staff and more. of the 200 innocent dependents and their family members,” part of the statement reads.

Monroe noted that the reason why no club has had a sponsor since 2020 is that many companies have cut their budgets for marketing and sponsorship before the pandemic and the increasingly negative publicity around FKF.

The Slum Boys have promised to come back stronger next season.