Who Is Todd Boehly, The Face Of Chelsea’s New Ownership Consortium?

It has finally happened. Chelsea has a new owner, or more correctly a ownership group. Todd Boyle is the face of a consortium that includes Clearlake Capital, Mark Walter and Hansjoerg Wyss. The deal is expected to cost £4.25 billion with £1.75 billion set aside to develop the men’s team, women’s team, stadium and other facilities.


Boehly is the most famous of the bunch and will be present at the match against the Wolves as well. Moreover, he has also interacted with some groups of supporters and the future looks much brighter now.

However, many fans in England and around the world are not deeply familiar with Bohley. So, who is this wealthy person with a track record of investing in sports?

Todd Buhle: From Germany with love

If the nickname sounds unusual to an American, it’s because Todd Buehle has a German heritage. Both of Boehle’s grandparents are from Germany, but they immigrated to the United States. Buhle certainly did not forget his roots, made regular trips to Germany and spoke affectionately about his relationship with the country.

wrestling champion

Yes it is true! Todd Boehle attended Landon School in Maryland, where he was part of the wrestling team. Boehly and his peers won two IAC Championships in 1990 and 1991. The school did not forget the contributions made by Boehly and renamed its wrestling division the Boehly Family Wrestling Room.

Todd Buhle
Todd Buhle in his school wrestling days. Image credits: thescottishsun.uk

Todd Boehle founded Eldridge Industries

Todd Boyle was associated with a number of financial institutions, including the Guggenheim Associates. He bought some assets from there and opened his own holding company with investments across a variety of industries. Eldridge has become a leader in its field with the diversified volume of businesses it has become a part of since its inception.

digital zoom

Todd Boehly and Eldridge have hands in a number of digital companies. These include Gopuff Studios, Dataminr, AnyVision, Wellthy and Triple Dot. Furthermore, Todd Boehle is also on the board of several other companies in this field and is already expanding his business through Eldridge.

Todd Pohli with his family
Todd Buhli with his family. Image credits: fresherslive.com

media mogul

Todd Buhli has taken his vision across many industries. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MRC, which owns painting And The Hollywood Reporter. MRC has merged with its owned company Penske Media Corporation diverse And rolling rock. Therefore, it is clear to what extent Buhle has penetrated the media sector. Furthermore, he is also the interim CEO of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which organizes the Golden Globe Awards.

Todd Buehle, philanthropist

Having amassed a fortune through his various investments, Todd Bohley is committed to helping the community grow. He and his wife, Katie, founded the Boehly Center for Financial Excellence. Moreover, they financed the new athletics complex. Boehly also works with many organizations including Find a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES), Brunswick School, Prostrate Cancer Foundation, etc.

baseball guru

Like many owners in the Premier League, Todd Buhle has other sporting investments. His biggest involvement was with the Major League Baseball (MLB) team Los Angeles Dodgers. Boehly owns a 20% stake in the team and ended the Dodgers’ 32-year wait for the world title in 2020. So, he’s definitely going to continue the winning culture at Chelsea.

Todd Buhle
Image credits: si.com

Todd Buhle knows football

This is not Todd Buhle’s first attempt with the sport. Buhle has been dense in discussions to buy the Washington Spirit from the National Women’s Sports League (NWSL). However, in 2022, he withdrew from negotiations and the ownership group in the deal ran into difficulties. However, this does not mean that Buhle cannot become a strong owner with Chelsea.

basketball lovers

Not only did Todd Boyle and Mark Walter own the Los Angeles Dodgers, they bought 27% of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2021. The NBA franchise is one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. They won a championship in 2020 and are proud of the greatest star of this generation in LeBron James. Boehly isn’t the most well-known character around the franchise but his business acumen speaks volumes for how Chelsea could be managed.

Todd Buehle, owner of Chilsea, finally!

Many may not remember but this isn’t Todd Boehle’s first attempt at buying Chelsea. Try buying the blues in 2019 for $3 billion. However, Roman Abramovich did not need to be sold and this decision was acquitted. However, Chelsea FC have new owners now and Buhle has finally got his wish. There were many doubts regarding the future of this establishment and it will soon be disbanded.

Main image provided courtesy of: Daily Star