Rangnick reveals Man United board blocked his request to sign striker in January

Despite the dearth of alternatives at the top, Manchester United interim manager Ralf Rangnick claims the board of directors vetoed his request to buy a new striker in the late January transfer window.

When Anthony Martial joined Sevilla on loan and Mason Greenwood was imprisoned at the end of January, the Red Devils’ numbers fell dramatically.

Rangnick He claims to have asked the Board to sign the required insurance due to the absence, but his request was ignored.

“I still think we should have tried [to sign a striker] Rangnick said in those 48 hours.

“The Commission [at the time] He sees it the same way – they agree – but they also talked to the Scouting department at the same time.

“Maybe we should have tried to sign a player in these 48 hours since we knew Mason wouldn’t be available and Anthony Martial had already left on loan. But we didn’t. Maybe I should have done more to get that extra striker. .

“The answer at the time was: ‘No, there is no player in the market that can really help us.

Players were available:

“There were a few: Diaz who is now playing at Liverpool, Alvarez who will be at Manchester City in the summer, Vlahovic who was at the time with Fiorentina.

“So those are just three of the ones I can think of now. The answer was no and that was it. We were still in three competitions: the FA Cup, the Champions League, at the time we were fourth in the league.

“I spoke to the board of directors and said to them: ‘Shouldn’t we at least talk and analyze and see if we can at least get a player, on loan or on a permanent deal? In the end the answer was no.

“Maybe they didn’t want to spend any winter [business]. 48 hours is 48 hours. It might be worth at least trying and discussing it internally. We didn’t.”

The Red Devils play with Brighton today.