“Real Madrid were poorer than City”: Schmeichel says after enthralling Champions League semi-final

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Written by Martin Graham | May 6 2022

Legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has claimed that Real Madrid do not deserve to qualify for the UEFA Champions League Final after being shown against Manchester City.

Schmeichel, who played for both Manchester City and Manchester United in his playing days, was on a mission as an observer CBS Sports. The Dane made a harsh review for Los Blancos after coming back from two goals down to win 6-5 on aggregate and make a final against Liverpool.

Manchester City entered the match with a 4-3 lead, and after the first half of the small goal movement, but complete control of the ball and defensive solidity from Real Madrid, the Citizens team broke the scoring in the 73rd minute.

Riyad Mahrez’s goal cemented his lead with two goals and it seemed that City were heading to the second final in a row until two late goals from young Madridista Rodrigo and a penalty kick in extra time sent by Karim Benzema to send City off.

Schmeichel talked about the misfortune of his former team by saying that Real Madrid was the poorest of the two teams and deserved not to qualify for the final of this season’s championship.

“The first chance was the first goal in the 90th minute, the second goal was the second chance and the third goal was the third time they shot the goal,” Schmeichel said. CBS Sports.

“Real Madrid do not have the right to be in that final. They were the poorest team by a mile during the two games. Man City were in complete control, but this moment we talked about it. We talked about how this stadium can be the 12th man.

“When they started that second half, that chance just eight seconds later it was like they set the whole place on fire and that was unbelievable.

“I feel a little sorry for Manchester City, I have to say that because I thought that away from that goal in the 90th minute, they played really well, they controlled everything.

“Rodri in midfield was great tonight and I’m not going to criticize anything, but if you lose a player like Kevin De Bruyne and the game looks like it is, you’ll miss him in the last 30 minutes and you’ve missed him so badly.

“But I mean oh my gosh! Real Madrid I have absolutely no idea. They didn’t play well.

“Predicting this Champions League was very difficult. Bayern Munich won it and they were eliminated in the quarter-finals.

“I thought Real Madrid would reach the final because of the situation in England but they were very poor. Only the Chelsea game was good. I no longer understand anything about football.”

It was the third breakaway act the 13-times champions have pulled in the tournament’s knockout rounds this season. After losing 1-0 to Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16 at the Santiago Bernabéu, they returned to a 3-1 win at Parc des Princes to win 3-2 on aggregate.

In the quarter-finals, Chelsea put them on the ropes after returning 4-4 ​​on aggregate at the Santiago Bernabeu, until Benzema won the second late goal in the game for Los Blancos.

It remains to be seen how they will face Liverpool with only a one-man final.

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum