Jose Mourinho bursts into tears as AS Roma reach Conference League final

Jose Mourinho burst into tears full time after leading Roma to their first European final in 31 years.

Tammy Abraham’s goal in the 11th minute was enough to serve him I’m Georgian In the finals where they will now face Feyenoord.

The standoff was well positioned at the 1-1 draw of the first leg played at King Power a week ago, leaving everything to play at the Olympic Stadium.

“Why did I shed a tear? Because I feel what everyone feels,” he said at the end of the match. “It is a giant club without a souvenir room for the social significance of this club.

“I know what that means for these people and my feelings for them have been. I’ve been fortunate enough to be in such a prestigious final, but it made me feel so special”

“We have a feeling of family. As you get older you become less selfish and more of a father or even a grandfather for some of them, I am very happy for all of them. Rome is a red and yellow city, we will see joy in the days to come. I made a small contribution to that,”

Speaking after the final whistle, Leicester chairman Brendan Rodgers admitted their inability to defend from set-pieces, adding that he’s been their Achilles heel all season.