Klopp hails Diaz impact in Villarreal win

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp praised the impact of Lucas Diaz in their 3-2 win over Villarreal on Tuesday night.

Diaz was introduced at the end of the first half to Diego Jota when the Reds were trailing in the first half and was impressive as the visitors scored three goals in the second half to lead the final 5-2 on aggregate.

“He had a huge impact. But what I don’t like about this is that the next story is that Diogo Jota was our problem: It wasn’t our problem at all, we just had to mix it up.

“We had 11 problems, if you like, in the first half. We just had to mix it up, you can do that by explaining, what you did obviously, but then you need new inputs too. Sadio suddenly was involved in the game, nothing to do with the position, It must have been a misunderstanding.

“For specific situations, I wanted Mo and Sadio to be high and wide, but not in open-play situations. So even after working together for so long… that’s just because it means a lot, that’s what it is, that means a lot. The first half suddenly we weren’t Ourselves but in the second half we were ourselves and that’s why we won the match.

“Yeah of course, Lewis, what a goal and he had a few other positions. I think the first time he hits him with a bike kick, if he takes it on his chest he can actually score. Well, best performance,” he said after the match.

Liverpool are now waiting for the winner between Manchester City and Real Madrid to see their opponents in the final group for Paris.