Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I am the Best to Ever Play in the MLS

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Written by Martin Graham | April 30, 2022

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has declared himself the greatest player in Major League Soccer while trying to get back into the league.

Ibrahimovic spent two years with LA Galaxy after two eventful years with Manchester United. It was believed that Ibrahimovic had moved to Major League Soccer to prepare for his retirement but after one year (a season and a half), he returned to Europe with his former club Milan, where he still plays.

However, the 40-year-old has not had an easy return to Europe, where injuries have prevented him from making that kind of impact. However, his return coincided with an improvement in the fortunes of the club, which finished second last season, a significant improvement from sixth place the previous season.

They are currently at the top of Serie A this season and on their way to winning the Scudetto after a decade.

Zlatan, who is currently injured, was speaking to ESPN when he recalled his last triumphant comeback from injury, which occurred in the NBA.

Ibrahimovic says MLS made me feel alive again

The veteran Swede joined LA Galaxy after his contract with Manchester United was terminated in March 2018. He failed to make a full recovery after suffering a serious knee injury in November 2017 and decided to leave the club.

Ibrahimovic went on to score 53 goals in 58 games for the Galaxy in his time there but was left empty-handed. However, the bigger-than-life striker has declared himself the best player in the league, but not before admitting that the league has helped him rediscover what his games look like.

“I am very happy. I am very grateful to MLS because they gave me the opportunity to feel alive” ESPN.

“But the problem is that I’m still alive. So I’ve been very good for the whole competition. That’s what I showed. I’m the best player ever in MLS and that’s not my ego or I’m trying to brag now. It’s true.

“And when I was there, I had fun [it]. I had a good time. And I like the way they’ve been working, the way they’ve been doing the marketing stuff.

“I think [playing in MLS] It was the best way to come back after my injury. I was in the best shape ever. And I am very proud that I played in MLS, because they told me the stadiums are very empty when you play in them.

“There were no empty stadiums when I was playing. It was even packed so I can’t complain, and I’m so glad I was there.”

Ibrahimovic provokes the return of the American League

Ibrahimovic’s contract with Milan will expire in the summer and speculation about his retirement has been in the media all season.

When asked about his future, he teases a return to MLS. “You never know – maybe one day I’ll be back,” Ibrahimovic said. “To show them how, to remind them what real football is.

“So for two years. They see what real football is and I think they’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe I’ll come back and have my own club – you’ll never know.”

Martin Graham is a sports writer for the MFF Forum