Which Are The Best Betting Sites For Football Fans?

Football and gambling tend to work hand in hand with a lot of people. Responsible flutter can be a way to add a little excitement to the games you watch.

The world of online gambling and betting sites is always growing and you can always do your research to find the best betting sites and bonuses. like this It gives you a lot of options when it comes to bonuses and understanding the current options that are in the market.

What makes a good gambling site?

There are many criteria for the best gambling sites. Everyone has their own different requirements for gambling sites, but there are certain areas where gambling sites try to outdo each other.

  • Markets: There should be a wide variety of markets. From the Serie A title race to the Champions League, passing through betting on lower leagues, different markets ranging from top scorers to who will win the league this season. The more markets there are, the more likely you are to find what you want to gamble with.
  • Competitive rates: You’ll want to find the best odds for the markets you want to gamble on.
  • Promotions: It is a good idea to take a look at the promotions offered before you sign up, as many of the biggest and best gambling sites will give you an offer to sign up, which can increase the money you have to gamble or match your deposit in free bets.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: Likewise, a lot of sites like Paddy Power offer loyalty bonuses, which means you have a chance to get free bets and bonuses for gambling with them regularly.
  • Ease of use: Want to gamble on your laptop or on an app? Both should be simple and straightforward. Good gambling sites tend to have a really good app and mobile site so you can easily place your bets from anywhere.

Whether you’re excited for the next round of UEFA Champions League matches Or you want to bet on a smaller local team, there should be an option that suits your needs.

Best betting sites for football fans

Let’s take a look at some good choices of betting sites for football fans whether you are studying stats like expected goals and expected offensive value added (xOVA) or you just want to take a kick.

house 365

Bet365 is one of the biggest betting sites for football fans and has a large number of players every day enjoying one of the biggest selections of online gambling.

In addition to a huge amount of coverage and markets, Bet365 also has a large number of events available to stream directly from their app. It is very easy to follow the matches while playing, which makes the company one of the largest gambling companies in the entire world.

It’s great for other sports too, but the football coverage is second to none. You can gamble on teams all the way up to the National League and below and follow and bet on teams all over the world.

Buddy Power

Paddy Power is a competitor that is very similar to Bet365 in some ways, and a lot of football fans love the site for its bet building function, allowing you to combine a lot of markets for a particular football match.

Paddy’s Rewards Club also gives you free bets and other loyalty-related rewards.

Like Bet365, the football coverage is huge, all the major leagues are covered, plus a lot of smaller leagues too.


Another huge site with a number of different gambling options for football fans, Betfair is also one of the only options that offers you betting bets so you can bet on something that doesn’t happen. You are actually betting against other gamblers in this scenario.

Betfair has a huge sportsbook and lots of live streaming with some unique ways to bet, which makes it popular among many footballers.

It also has an easy to use app and signup bonuses for new customers.


There are many other options on the market, from BoyleSports to SkyBet, and many of them have offers worth taking advantage of. When it comes to usability, it can be all about deciding which site you enjoy using the most.

In the modern era, the vast majority of these sites tend to offer a large number of different gambling markets and football coverage all over the world, so your choices are almost endless when it comes to placing access and in-play bets.