Thomas Tuchel: I’m happy to play Man United at Old Trafford

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is looking forward to Thursday night’s Premier League match against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The two teams meet in what German tactics consider “one of the biggest matches around” with a rich history shaped in the pre-title encounters.

It has not been a hugely successful season for the two clubs, with Manchester City and Liverpool leading them and vying for the title.

However, they will fight for their place in the top four, with United badly needing three points to keep their hopes alive.

He said, “We hope that we will be, and Manchester United would like to be in the title finale, but unfortunately there are two other teams who wear red and blue who have a word to say and over the past years have made their point of view strongly.”

“So we have to accept that and we have to do everything to try to bridge the gap and Man United is doing that.”

“Personally, I am very happy to play against Man United at Old Trafford. For me, it is still one of the biggest stages, one of the biggest stadiums, one of the biggest clubs, and events that you are going to play.

“I arrive at a strong club with a strong team, so this is the best way to arrive as a coach and I am very happy to play this match and it will always be a big game for me, no matter what position they are in now,”

The two teams play the match against the background of contradictory results. United lost 3-1 to Arsenal last time out, while Chelsea struggled to win 1-0 at West Ham.

A Chelsea win could lead them to nearly four points of qualification for next season’s Champions League, while a United win would send them back into the competition for fourth place.