🥊Pep Guardiola v Carlo Ancelotti: How they match up

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola seeks revenge against Carlo Ancelotti in the Champions League.

City will host Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final first leg tonight, and the two teams are at the top of the two leagues; Ancelotti poised to become the first coach to win the title in the top five European Championships.

Both managers have dealt with Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and this will be another match where they will prove their credentials after having met each other on several occasions.

During his time at Bayern, none of which won the Champions League, Guardiola managed 161 games in all competitions, with a win percentage of 77% while the Italian only took charge of 60 games and achieved a win rate of 72%.

So far Guardiola and Ancelotti have faced each other six times, with Pep winning four times and Carlo twice. While the City boss has won two-thirds of their fights, Ancelotti’s victories hold even more significance for tonight’s match as they came in in the Champions League.

The last time the two managers faced each other was when Ancelotti was in charge of Everton. In the three English Premier League matches, they faced each other, Pep and City won all three points with a 10-2 aggregate.

City also knocked out Everton from the FA Cup in the quarter-finals in 2021 with a 2-0 win over Tovez at Goodison Park.