Del Piero opens up on Juventus return rumours

Alessandro Del Piero has revealed that rumors linking him to a return to Juventus are unfounded.

There were calls this week for Del Piero to be given a senior position at Juventus, but the former player admitted he had not held any talks about an official return to the club.

“I appreciate the willingness to investigate, but right now and especially at this moment, it is inappropriate to comment on a possibility that is not off the table.

“Thanks to what has happened in the past, the bond between me and these colors has been amazing, no matter what happens. Let’s avoid comments on a premise and look forward. Thanks for the embarrassment.”

There is nothing, there are no ulterior motives or secret meetings. Greetings to all: Andrea [Agnelli]pavel [Nedved] And many of my ex-colleagues. It was a pleasure to say hello to them personally,” he told Sky Italia.

Del Piero is a cult hero at the club as he represented them as a striker between 1993 and 2012 scoring 208 goals in 513. In Italy, Azzuri represented 91 times and scored 27 goals between 1995 and 2008.