Ralf Rangnick announces Man United revolution

Ahead of Liverpool’s match on Tuesday night, interim Manchester United boss Ralph Rangnick spoke about the club’s plans for the new season.

Rangnick revealed that the club will introduce new faces ahead of the new season in a bid to make the club competitive again.

“Yeah, I think aside from the goalkeepers, we need to make sure that we improve the team in all areas. To bring in players who really help the team improve – again, it’s about the profile. What kind of players we need in order to play any What kind of football do we want to play?” He answered when asked if the club would rebuild.

If talk of a new manager has affected the players;

“I don’t think so, no. The players have to do their best no matter who the next coach is, and if it’s announced in a week, two or three weeks, I don’t think that affects the current situation we’re here. But yeah, of course it’s important to know Who will be the new manager, because to start the hiring process, finding the best potential players only makes sense if you know who the manager will be and how he wants to play.”

“There might be two players – and I’ve already named those players on the board – who are independent of the squad, of the style of football, and independent of a new manager, that might be important for a club like United. But in general, if you look at the size of the way Which the team needs to rebuild, I mean it’s not enough to bring in three or four new players. It will be more than that, considering the number of players who won’t be here anymore and contracts are running out.”

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