Why Ruben Amorim Is Ready For The Next Step In His Managerial Career

One of the greatest stories from the 2020-21 season happened in Portugal. Sporting Lisbon won their first league title in 19 years. Furthermore, they only suffered one loss throughout the entire campaign. Behind this impressive display was the hand of the former Benfica player. Ruben Amorim was signed in early 2020 after Sporting played a record fee against Braga.

He achieved instant success with Sporting, winning the Taca de Portugal along with the league. In 2021-22, Sporting finished second behind Porto but won the domestic cup again. Therefore, it would not come as a big surprise that Amorim would be an attractive candidate for so many clubs. He has worked amazingly at his two administrative functions and is ready to take the next step.

football He analyzes what Amorim has done so well thus far to establish himself as one of the best upcoming managers.

Tactical genius

Robin Amorim has always been a football expert. Back in his playing days, he was a very effective ball player. As a manager, Amorim has always been the one to see the game better than his peers. Sporting is a regular team with unusual playing styles. Amorim puts his team in 3-4-3 which turns into 5-2-3 when defending. The team is looking to defend the spaces on the field rather than keeping an eye on every opponent.

Robin Amorim
Robin Amorim celebrates winning the league title. Image credits: ojogo, pt

This helps them maintain a very busy pressing sequence in midfield. Therefore, the opposing team is forced to play more dangerous passes to the wings. This is where Sporting players are very good at getting the ball back. Formation helps maintain a high streak against opponents who run to the back as well.

Athletes love to control the ball, holding about 60% of the ball in most matches. Amorim has made great use of the winger, which has allowed Sporting to attempt the second most crosses over the past two years.

Furthermore, when they have the ball, Sporting presses in front of a three high above the field. Amorim uses it in a narrow shape that allows the rear wings to charge and support attacks. They keep a large space between the defensive line and the five.

However, with 3-4-3 emerging around the world, Sporting’s secrets have sometimes been discovered. To counter that, Amorim has had to rely on the brilliance of individual players and this is where a highly balanced team comes in handy.

mixed bunch

Sporting is blessed with a large group of players who complement each other well. Pedro Boro has distinguished himself as one of the most up-and-coming right wing players. He has 6.36 progressive passes per 90 along with 4.84 progressive passes. On the other side was Nuno Mendes, whose performance saw him move to Paris Saint-Germain on loan.

Midfield, Pedro Goncalves was the scoring star as he scored 23 goals and three assists in the 2020-21 season. This kind of production from behind the strikers was a great source of energy for Sporting. Joao Balenha has truly proven himself as the successor to William Carvalho. He breaks everything in midfield as evidenced by his 32.42 pressures, 3.04 tackles and 2.20 blocks (all for 90) during his title-winning season.

How Nuno Mendes got ready for the next step sooner than ever

The most remarkable fact about all of this is that all of these players were already present at Sporting. Amorin brought only Antonio Adan, who immediately became the number one goalkeeper. However, the most accomplished fact about Sporting at present is their tight defence. Ex-Liverpool rejected Sebastian Coates along with 18-year-old Zuhair Fadal and 18-year-old Gonzalo Inacio. This three-player back line conceded just 20 goals all season, from an xGA of 33.6.

Moreover, in his debut season, Adan kept 19 clean sheets and Sporting won 22 of his matches by scoring two goals or less. The combination of all these players and the improvement of their game helped the club achieve glory.

Ready for the next step

Robin Amorim and Sporting have reaped huge rewards from this marriage. Amorim man’s excellent management and ability to level up each player is a must. However, the start of the 2022-23 season appears to be the perfect time for Amorim to take the next step. Sporting will be reluctant to let him go because replacing him would be a huge task.

This is unlikely to deter foreign clubs from pursuing the 37-year-old. Everton are in dire straits under Frank Lampard, a date that has so far been unsuccessful. The Toffees could certainly use someone of Amorim’s caliber in an effort to rejuvenate their frustrated squad.

Anthony Gordon could become the next Pedro Goncalves while the defenders need a lift. Lyon were eliminated from the Europa League at home. This increases the pressure on beleaguered coach Peter Boss with club president Jean Aulas, who is not known for his patience.

It would be a really interesting proposition if Ajax approached Amorim following the expected departure of Eric ten Hag. They have one of the best young teams in Europe and even after some departures they have a lot of potential.

Borussia Moenchengladbach could also use Amorim due to poor performance under new president Adi Hutter. Therefore, Amorim will not lack options once he decides to leave. Sporting will have tough times but the world of football works like this.